ACORN, Voter Fraud and Obama’s Infomercial

I see our girl Sarah is out on the trail hammering Barack about ACORN. This is a winner. America hates cheaters.

I am curious if there is a coordinated effort to get out and vote multiple times.  I mean, will Mickey Mouse or the Dallas Cowboys who recently registered in Nevada will show up at the polls or will they have a surrogate.   This is my personal favorite community organizer story today :

I am calling it now, if Barack wins, Joe the plumber gets an audit.

I was thinking about the Obama 30 minute ad buy on three major networks before the start of the World Series in a couple of weeks.  I wonder how it may affect the campaign.  What will he do? Will he talk for 30 minutes straight or have Billy Mays peddling cookware with Barack playing the straight man?   Wouldn’t you love him saying, “this steak is delicious and it only took 5 minutes?” or “you get the vegetable chopper too?” My suspicion is is he won’t talk for 30 minutes. We’ll see some Hollywood produced infomercial and maybe he’ll talk for a few minutes. If he talks for 30 minutes, it may be enough to guarantee McCain victory. Ironically,  I think McCain could get away with it if he was just being himself having a conversation with the American people. He has life experiences and a great story.  Barack is an empty suit at best and a fraud at worst.  Either way the hope and change schtick gets old after 2 minutes.  He reminds me of a guy selling a no money down real estate scam on late night television.  The guy may talk a good game but after 10 minutes you realize he hasn’t told you a damn thing.


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