McCain needs to bring up ACORN.  In case you didn’t notice the CO of ACORN stands for community organizer.  Barack is tied to ACORN in many ways through many years but most recently giving them over 800k to register voters. If you haven’t been following they register people, the same people many times. One guy in Ohio I believe is registered 72 times and was paid in smokes and money by ACORN.  The Feds seized the computers from ACORN’s Nevada offices. They are community voter fraud (and always have) on a massive scale. They are showing people how politics works, Chicago style.  This is the Daley machine magnified nationwide.  ACORN is also at the heart of the sub-prime mess. They lobbied Democrats in congress to relax lending standards to poor people so they wouldn’t be red-lined by the fact that they didn’t have enough income or had poor credit.  You can follow the progression through the CRA and Fanny and Freddie even though John McCain actively tried unsuccessfully to deal with Fanny and Freddie several years ago with Democrats in the Senate blocking it.  You need 60 votes in the Senate to be filler buster proof. Republicans never got above 55 I believe even when they ran the joint.  Check out this great site about ACORN featuring the ACORN Squirrels wearing Barack “Yes We Can” Shirts.

Finally, I am reading that Democrats and the MSM (is there a difference anymore?) feel McCain has gone nasty and worry about the nastiness of his campaign and imply this is stoking the racial divide.  Never mind that MSM and Democrats like James Carvel are threatening race riots if Barack doesn’t win.  Basically this is bizzaro world here so whatever they want McCain to do, he should do the opposite.  Remember all the years when the MSM and maybe even many of your Democratic friends would say, “if the Republicans would just run someone like McCain, I could vote for them?” Well now we have and McCain is called Hitler by the left’s intellectuals like Madonna and the press has bailed.  If you can’t reach the NYT or NBC, call Obama campaign, they have their offices there.  They now paint McCain as an old unstable lunatic.  McCain’s bipartisan friends like Kerry and Biden basically say he is nuts and dangerous.  With friends like these…….. The point is attack attack attack and ignore any advice from your adversary. THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO WIN.


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