Barack the One

We are all beneath Barack. Barack is the one. Barack will “change the world.” He can make the seas fall.  His impending election can certainly help the stock market fall.  At his heart though, Barack is an elitist.  Barack knows better.  Barack should know better. He has written a couple of navel gazing self discovery autobiographies before he was 45.  I gotta get mine out. I only have a few years but I have a real job and a family and a life so pondering my existence or being arrogant enough to thing others need to read my life story requires an ego the size of…..well Barack.  Anyway I thought you’d like to see this video where Barack mocks Joe the plumber.  Barack and Joe have quite a bit in common.  Barack deals in BS and Joe unstops toilets.  There is some overlap. Here is the mocking video which makes me very angry and outside of LA, San Francisco and NY and Hyde Park Chicago, I suspect will make most Americans angry as well : . It kind of reminds me of an oldie but a goodie : . He doesn’t know of any plumbers who make $250k a year. Biden here trumpets the same line : This man was aspiring to make this much and probably employ several people along the way oh and by the way fix some toilets which probably benefitted mankind more than all of Barack’s community organizing days.  Hey how about we tax community organizers at a higher rate? Are you telling me voter fraud is more valuable than fixing plumbing?  I tell you, I had a busted sink Christmas day last year and got a plumber to come out and fix it. Perhaps a community organizer would do but they just seem to be able to rig elections, not fix sinks.  At the heart of the matter is this: Barack and the left think wealth is created by government when in reality it is created by plumbers and other people in the private sector.  Barack wants to take this man’s money to “spread the wealth” and “help others behind” him.  Government does not create wealth, it can only take it. Anyone care to wager if Barack were to take all of this man’s money and give it to some random poor person that within five years who would be “rich” and who would be “poor?” My bet is on Joe being rich again and the person receiving a handout, being poor again. People like Joe make the nation richer, people like Barack make it poorer.

Hot air blog has a great post up about lessons to be learned from the Joe the plumber episode :


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