Barack the Plumber

I was thinking this morning that since Joe the plumber was mentioned so much last night, how would Barack be as a plumber to a blocked toilet in someone’s home.

BO: I can see you have a serious situation brought on by 8 years of neglect.  Now my competitor offers the same old techniques that got your toilet stuffed up in the first place.  We need to study the situation and decide the best way to deal with something that is causing you to have a diminished quality of life……….

Barack will go on for several minutes stating the problem before you realize he has no idea how to fix a toilet.

There used to be an old line about Chinese food and being hungry a half hour later.  I would probably say Barack’s speeches and debates  are like junk food.  It tastes good during the consumption but a while later you realize, you haven’t eaten anything. You are still hungry.

Unfortunately, I fear most Americans prefer junk food to real food and smooth talk to substance.  I pray I am wrong.


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