I was wondering if all the people who are wearing the Obama Change shirts could get them modified to say “Got any spare” before the ” change.”  Barack’s tax and spend policies particularly on the upper income earners who owns small businesses and capital is going to put this country into a deep recession if not worse.

Speaking of change, Jesse Jackson knows change is in the wind for Israel.  Gone will be our staunch backing for our closest ally in the region.  This should come as no surprise to those who knew his adviser met with Hamas this year.  Now Jesse Jackson weighs in on “change” in our support for Israel : .  Hopefully Jewish people in this election will quit voting for FDR (even though he had one opportunity to save Jews during the Holocaust and sent the SS St. Louis back and to certain death. . Jews of Israel by the way prefer McCain 2-1.  They know their survival depends on it and aren’t looking for change.


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