Early Childhood Development vs. Late Term Abortion

These are two constituents Barack will never betray : teachers unions and the abortion lobby.  He wants early childhood development which is another way of saying universal government preschool paid by Joe the plumber’s tax dollars.  Once it is government run, it will be unionized by the teacher’s unions so the preschools that we send our children will be run like Los Angeles Unified School District LAUSD.  The parents will then lose any input they have on ciriculum or anything else.   Barack also won’t back down on late term abortions. He is so radical on this, he is against any restrictions even for helping a baby live after surviving a botched abortion.  He claims he would sign a bill banning late term abortion provided it has a provision for the health of the mother. Sounds nice but consider that health can mean anything including the mother would be depressed afterward.  I wish McCain would have asked Obama can he name a circumstance where the mother’s life would be effected one way or another by killing a baby after being removed from the mother. Heck, my health has been effected since having kids. I don’t think I have had a healthy streak more than about two months. This is like him saying he is for nuclear power as long as we have a safe way of storing the waste. We do. It is Yucca Mountain or on site like the French do.  Is it 100% safe? No. Neither are windmills or solar.  There is always a chance a windmill could fall on someone and kill him. So if a baby is able to survive by a miracle a late term abortion without medical care would Barack put it right into government run preschool?


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