These two are the ones I give the most credence to.  Newsweek is bogus (see Jim Gehrety’s analysis). Gallup looks at registered and not likely voters. Many Republicans re registered as Democrats in the battleground states during Rush Limbaugh’s operation chaos last spring. They may have not reregistered as Republicans.  Even Gallup shows it tightening. Barack has always over polled and underperformed. Whether this is the Bradley effect or something else working I do not know.  My hunch is people just don’t feel comfortable with the guy.  He is like that salesman you meet who is slick and says all the right things but something in the pit of your gut says, don’t trust him. Plus given all of the bed economic news, Barack has yet to articulate how HE is going to fix the problems of our economy. When asked he seems to be able to articulate that there is a problem but no answers are given except stuff about closing tax loopholes for corporations and giving more welfare to poor people….sorry I mean his middle class tax cut to 95% of Americans where only 50 percent pay any taxes anyway and the top 10 percent pay nearly all of the taxes.

More good news is I think other than the 30 minute Barack night in two weeks, he may have used up his ammo. Palin’s troopergate is a big whatever and even if it isn’t to some people, it is probably factored in already.  The big drive upward for Obama seems to have been a declining stock market (something that may actually have been magnified by the perception of an Obama win and the tax increase implications on investment and small businesses).  Well the market may have hit bottom Friday morning with it’s 800 point drop I believe to finish only 128 down. The G7 met and appear to be working on a world solution to a world wide economic problem.  The dollar is still 73-74 cents to the Euro way off its low earlier this year. This will help push Oil prices down along with the slowing world economy.  Take out your tissue and weep for OPEC now.  The market could conceivably start moving upward this week and with every day it moving upward, the less Barack has to use it as an issue. Most people don’t really follow the market other than a way of keeping score like at a football game or basketball game.  If your team is down by 21 points, you know something is wrong but if they score a couple of touchdowns you feel better. Basically Barack and the Dems are shorting America to use a stock analogy.  Bad news on the economy or the war, good news for Dems and Barack.  Conversely Goods news on both, bad news for the Dems.  One last point before I hit the hay.  I read last week that inside the BO campaign, they are getting excited and perceiving a landslide for BO. The only thing that could stop it is a “terrorist attack.” I believe this is their words.  Now why would a terrorist attack favor Navy hero McCain over community organizer Obama? mmmmmmmmmm This logic holds if there is no chance of one during the next four years. Anyone want to take that wager?  If not why bet the lives of Americans on a novice that may result in the death of Americans and others. Further, to bring up economics, a major attack on our soil would be a major bummer for the market. Remember the last panic on Wallstreet? The last big sell of was sometime in September of 2001.


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