My Thoughts on the Debate

McCain finally responded with very points tonight.  I thought his constant mention of the Joe the plumber certainly hammered his point home about Barack Obama and taxation.  Ironically I thought McCain’s high water mark tonight, other than “accidentally” calling Barack “Senator Government” before correcting to Senator Obama, was on education and McCain’s support of vouchers.  This is an area of weakness for Obama. He has sold his soul to the trial lawyers, abortion lobby and the teachers unions and will never betray any of them.  Obama was also squirly on the abortion issue again and tried to use government procedure to justify his votes.  If anything this will help motivate the pro life people even more.  On education McCain mentioned several times that he wants poor Americans to have the same choice that he and Senator Obama had to send their children to a private school if they choose.

Ultimately though I think this won’t help McCain much if at all.  Barack is always going to look slicker and smoother than McCain.  The says we spend the most per pupil on education and yet we have some of the poorest results. Clearly the implication that more money won’t solve the problem and yet BO says we can improve accountability and spend more money. Free puppies for everyone!!!  Free college!!! Free health care!!!! Free everything, unless you are unlucky Joe the plumber. Maybe Joe should give up plumbing and go to college and get on the dole. I pray that Americans see it for what it is, BS, and vote for a man of substance who has given all for his country.  I fear that many Americans do not realize what makes us special and votes to turn us into France or Sweden or worse.

My fear is that the natural human tendency is not for self reliance. That must be taught by our parents and reinforced by our society and our faith.  Our natural tendency is to remain children and be taken care of our lives.  Uncle Barack is offering this.  There was a question in  the second debate whether health care is a right, responsibility or something or other.  Uncle Barack responded it is a right.  In a great column by Bill Whittle in National Review (, Whittle debates this point and comes to the following conclusion that you can apply to health care or anything else in Uncle Barack’s goodie bag, “Because isn’t the danger here that if you’re offered something for nothing… you’ll take it? Only it’s not something for nothing. “Free” health-care costs us something precious, and no less precious for being invisible. Because there’s a word for someone who has their food, housing and care provided for them… for people who owe their existence to someone else. And that word is “slaves.”

Are we a people putting the chains back on and heading back to Egypt?


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