My Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

I took the kids to the pumpkin patch today.  For many of you parents it is a fall tradition.  For those of us living in the city, it is an opportunity to take kids to show kids life on a farm and in this case a profitable family farm.  We went to Underwood Family Farms who operate two farms in Ventura County California. The first one is in Somis but went to the one in Moorpark. The kids had great fun. There were pony rides, pumpkin paintings, bluegrass music, and many other family activities. We managed to stretch out trip out to the farm for nearly five hours.  By contrast our trip to Legoland just netted over four and a half hours before the meltdown.  We even rode on a wagon pulled by two very strong horses and driven by Mr. Underwood. I knew this because people thanked Mr. Underwood as they left. Mr. Underwood appeared to be a man in his mid to late sixties and this was clearly his family’s farm.  I saw dozens if not hundreds of employees there working the Fall Harvest Festival that continues until Halloween.  They also cleverly had food concessions operated by local charities.  We ordered from the Lion’s Club booth which benefited nearly a dozen charities including Big Brothers Big Sisters and Boys and Girls Club.  All in all we dropped about eighty bucks including admission, pumpkins purchased, horse ride tickets etc as well as $27 which went directly to charities operating the food concessions.

Barack wants to punish this man. Well he says he really isn’t so much about punishing his success but to “spread the wealth around,” to the  “people behind him.”  I would be willing to bet that Mr. Underwood and his family has benefitted more people DIRECTLY by providing employement for people, enjoyment for families and an opportunity for local charities to raise funds than community organizer Obama, State Senator Obama and certainly U.S. Senator Obama ever has.  Barack wants his hard earned money, money that Mr. Underwood has used directly for the betterment of many, to give to those who didn’t earn it.  This is the crux of the Obama tax plan, of the Democratic Party and really the entire progressive (regressive) tax system.  It punishes success and rewards non work.

I heard that Senator Biden said this week, obviously very upset about Palin attacks, that “we are all patriots!”  Me thinks thou protest too much.  Didn’t he also say a couple of weeks ago that paying taxes is patriotic?  Isn’t it true that nearly half of the country pay no federal income taxes and Barack wants to tax the top earners to give them another welfare payment? Using Biden’s logic, do we assume those receiving this “tax cut” are not patriotic and the ones being hosed by it, like Mr. Underwood are super patriots? Isn’t by definition the Obama tax cut going to force those at the bottom into being traitors?


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