Read this Instead of Drinking Morning Coffee

This should do the trick : where Biden thinks O Mighty One (courtesy of Mark Steyn) will be tested in the first six months.  Any bets on the test? Pass or fail? Will the clock run out before he can make a decision? This is not a decisive person. All you need to know about a President Obama is the number 132. It is the number of times he voted “Present” in the Illinois Senate.  Not “yes” not “no” but “present.”  Need more proof of indecision by Obama? Consider this answer to the question as to who he is rooting for to win the World Series This is why executive experience is so important, they make decisions. Senators talk.  The top two places we have chosen Presidents from are governors and then generals.  Both have to make decisions and live with them.  As Borat would say, Senators, not so much.  Here is powerlineblog’s take on it : .  The famous 3 am ad by Hillary illustrates the danger in an Obama presidency and BO has basically said that he picked Biden for all that stuff and BO needs to focus on hope and change. Do you think there will be cabinet posts for Secretary of Hope and Change or will they be separate posts?  What I love about Biden’s comment is he is asking us to help Obama with an impending international crisis that will inevitably happen within the next six months.  Why ask us Joe? I thought he picked you for that?


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