Unilateral Disarmament

I have been thinking how unilateral disarmament http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unilateral_disarmament has played a factor in this election. McCain’s decision to accept public financing while his opponent “that one” has not has put him at a serious cash disadvantage.  One of the reasons why McCain is having to defend himself in red states is because Obama can afford to run ads against him 4 to 1.   Then factor in the fact that Obama gets an enormous amount of free advertising in the form of most major newspapers like the NYT actively campaigning for him and the major networks including CNN doing the same.  I don’t even mention MSNBC as it appears they are just a subsidiary of the Dailykos.  I do honestly believe that much of Team Obama’s fundraising is probably illegal and not only in violation of campaign finance laws but perhaps even US Law. Because laws don’t require the disclosure of donations under 200, most of Barack Obama’s money comes in under the radar unless we can track down that fellow named Good Will who gave nearly 18,000 in individual donations to Team Obama at the website.  There is even this story about someone making donations using someone else’s card http://townhall.com/blog/g/18e3064f-0946-4a9b-95e0-eb1bc6311f9e.  Ironically Republicans may not be giving to McCain because of his decision to take public financing but be giving to Obama but not willingly.  I guess as the conversation with Joe illustrates, one way or another “Barack Obama gets it,” as Michelle Obama said in another context.  Now if only a President Obama (God forbid)  could take this lesson about the folly of unilateral disarmament when dealing with our enemies.  As it stands right now, he wants to sit down and chat with the worst of the bunch without any preconditions.

There is a curious thing though. Perhaps the polls underestimate Obama’s strength in underfactoring newly registered voters like Mickey Mouse and prisoners in jail who may be forced to send surrogates in to vote for them. Most states do not require any proof of indentification when voting so, when coupled with Team Obama-ACORN’s attempt to affect votes in swing states, it is possible that this will be the second election where Chicago Democrats manipulated the vote after JFK’s razor thin defeat of Nixon in 1960. Cook County (Chicago) put JFK over the top with many dead people casting votes.  As John Fund puts it “Representation without Respiration.”  We also don’t know how the young kids with minds of mush with their lattes, college paid by parents and/or the tax payer, and hope/change t shirts are going to factor in.  Many don’t have phones and we don’t know how surveys factor in cell phones when conducting these surveys.  I think the Bradley effect may be overstated but he does underperform polls.  The amazing thing is according to Zogby (by far the most accurate of pollsters previously), this race is under 3 points nationally which will effect polls in battleground states.  I don’t trust these battleground polls because generally they are not by people like Rassmussen or Zogby.  Regardless Obama is ahead but McCain appears to be closing the gap somewhat. Barack still has a lot of money left but I hope the constant barage of ads will turn some voters off and since I think he wears thin after about 2 minutes of hope and change schtick, 30 minute informercials on every channel at the same time save ABC even delaying the start of the World Series, might tick people off as well.

Colin Powell says he is endorsing Barack Obama this morning http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27265369/ This has been a longer leadup to an obvious result than when we FINALLY found out Clay Aiken was gay. He says it isn’t because Barack is black.  I think it probably is but consider Powell has always been a pretty liberal Republican who I believe was against the FIRST gulf war.  I don’t think this changes anything to be honest.  I think many Republicans, eager to have an African American  in their midst, jumped on the Powell bandwagon. The reality is have many fine African Americans in our party who also line up ideologically with the party : Michael Steele, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, and Star Parker to name a few.  We don’t need to pander. Our party freed the slaves and voted as a higher percentage for the Civil Rights Act of 1964 than their party.    Our party will free many poor African American from failing schools in the inner city in the form of vouchers, their party has been running those schools and will not change a thing that will betray the teachers unions.

Well, life goes on and off to the pumpkin patch today with the kids.


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