Why Ayers is Important

Most people’s eyes glaze over at the constant mention of Ayers by the McCain campaign.  The reason, I believe, is because the McCain campaign has yet to connect the dots.  Ayers is a radical committed to the destruction of the country and our capitalist system. He says this to this day while supporting Barack Obama all along.  Ayers tried to destroy the country by planting bombs. That didn’t work. Generally military style attacks unite the country not tear it apart.  So, he went into education where he could affect young people and shape their outlook. This is why his work with Obama on the Annenberg Challenger is critical. It funded tens of millions of dollars toward radicalizing young people.  Do you wonder why today we are on the verge of electing a radical socialist to the highest office in the land? That is because our children who are now in their early twenties have been brain washed throughout their years of public education and left wing universities.  They are comletely ignorant of economics and of why our system is superior to any other in the world.  Why are we the most prosperous country in the history of the world?  Is it because of government grants? Is it because of wealth redistribution?  No it is because largely up until recently, the government got out of our way and let us be the industrious people that we are.  Barack Obama seeks a nation that is very different from the nation of our founding, from the ideals of our founding, from equality of opportunity to equality of results, from the ideals of the American Revolution to the ideals of the French Revolution.  The irony is Ayers is on the verge of his victory, the destruction of the country and the system that made it great.  His friend Barack Obama will radically change the country. We are really the only ones that stand in the way.


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